XXXVI Pigeon Olympiad and Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories finished!


Polish breeders waited eight long years for an event of a similar scale in Poznań and today we know one thing: it was worth it! The XXXVI Pigeon Olympiad FCI and the Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories fulfilled the hopes placed in them.


Almost 200 exhibitors and breeders (half of which are foreign companies) and 15,000 visitors - these are the most important numbers of the largest meeting of pigeon lovers in Poland, which has just been closed. If we add to this the impressive exhibition space - 25,000 m2, we will see the entire scale of the undertaking, which was the largest such meeting in Poland.

- We are delighted with the size and scale of the event. Each event is created by people and they decide about its success. The example of the fair shows that the pigeon industry is flying very high - said Łukasz Rachubiński, director of the Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories.

On the premises of the Poznań International Fair on January 25-27, you could see carrier pigeons from all over the world. Their fans also had the opportunity to buy articles intended for their breeding and meet with personalities from the industry who were willing to share their knowledge and advice on breeding and caring for these unique birds. A separate word goes to the industry leaders who flocked to Poznań. There were also new products, and three statuettes of the MTP Gold Medal, awarded for the most innovative products, went to Benzing.

The fair also means interesting lectures and seminars. Participants could take part in the conference of the FCI Veterinary and Scientific Commission and meetings organized by the Pigeon Health Center.

The XXXVI Racing Pigeon Olympiad and the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories were held in Poznań for the second time, and in Poland for the fourth time. - The organization of an event of such great importance is a great honor not only for the Poznań International Fair, but also for Poznań itself. We are proud that we could take part in it. It is a great prestige for our city and an interesting challenge for MTP - emphasizes Łukasz Rachubiński.